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John Stossel: Who does the charitable giving? It might surprise you!

2010.12.30 ~ Fox & Friend (The Weekend crew – Dave Briggs, Alysin Camerota, and Clayton Morris) Guest: John Stossel Who gives to charity? The Democrats? The Republicans? Rich people or poor people? Who really wants the government to take care … Continue reading

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Charitable Donations through Candy Cane Lane

TroubadourVideo, NewfoundlandNonprofitJonAshCandyCaneLaneCharitable Donations through Candy Cane Lane2010-11-26 Duration : 0:2:29 Technorati Tags: JonAshCandyCaneLane

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Car Donation Questions #1 – What Can I Donate? Cars 4 Causes

Car Donation Questions – Video #1. In this first in a series of videos, Cars 4 Causes answers one of the most popular questions we receive – What Can I Donate? For more information on donating your car, you can … Continue reading

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UK ATM donation plan to aid charity

UK shoppers could be asked to give to charity every time they use a cash dispenser or pay with a bank card under new government plans to increase philanthropy. Duration : 0:0:54 Technorati Tags: ATM DONATIONS (O), REUTERS, UK

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BGC Charity Day

September 8, 2008 – BGC Partners Inc., a major inter-dealer broker named for B. Gerald Cantor, the founder of Cantor Fitzgerald (from which BGC Partners separated in 2004), has selected QSAC as one of a dozen New York-based nonprofit organizations … Continue reading

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Can you be charitable without giving money?

Describe some ways I am surprised that somebody got the meaning of "Zakat" right. Anyway being charitable has nothing to do with "man-made" money. It has to do with helping somebody by giving of yourself. Not to charitable or any … Continue reading

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When is the last day to make charitable donations?

(…last day of the calendar year, fiscal year, or a specific date?) Thank you! its never to late to make a donation(theres always someone in need) but to be able to claim one on your 2007 tax return you must … Continue reading

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Revenue Canada – Who gets group employee donation tax receipt?

My employer is asking for donations from staff to help Haiti earthquake victims. Everyone that donates gets their name put in a "hat", and the person whose name is pulled gets the combined tax receipt to claim on his/her tax … Continue reading

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how do i write a cover letter to organisation for a charity donation?

Write it short and simple, to the point.

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Do you have any favorite charitable organizations?

If so please list them with a brief decision. I’m going to let this one go to a public vote becaise I think it will be interesting to see not only what charities people list but also what the YAHOO … Continue reading

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