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Has the economy affected your charitable giving?

A) You give more now because you see a greater need B) You give less now because you yourself are experiencing negative effects due to the economy C) You maintain previous levels of giving D) You not believe in charity … Continue reading

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When do I have to make charitable donations and have it count for the 2007 tax year?

Is it the end of December 07? Or later? Put the checks in the mail on 12/24 or 12/26. That will the local charities a chance to cash the check before the end of the year. In reality, the charity … Continue reading

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If I setup a blog and add a donation button do I pay tax?

I am interested in setting up a blog (based in the UK) to help pay for my motorcycle license and bike and I was wondering where I stand with regards to tax. If I write my blog and accept donations … Continue reading

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How much are you willing to give for a charity donation? (cancer foundation, orphanage, hospital, etc.)?

I am most grateful when I make donations for orphanages, 2months ago I donated £250 for an orphanage in Ukraine. Also I will consider supporting hospitals but those are usually run by government and they have public funds from taxes, … Continue reading

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what are useful degrees for helping with charitable organizations?

What are some useful degrees if you wanted to be involved with helping villages with clean water, clothing, education, human rights etc. What do the companies / organizations look for in candidates for these positions and requirements. The other poster … Continue reading

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Intelius – CEO Naveen Jain discusses Intelius Charitable Giving 2010 – Despite the rocky economic climate of the past year, Intelius – a leading information commerce company that empowers consumers and businesses with information to make intelligent decisions about personal safety and security – increased its charitable giving in … Continue reading

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Do you know where your charitable donations are going? YOU need to ask!

I want answers and so should YOU. Accountability! My rant on lack of info from @SU2C and other cancer organizations. Duration : 0:6:21 Technorati Tags: accountability, American Cancer Society, Cancer, jennifer windrum, lung cancer, Stand Up 2 Cancer

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Churches are Illegal if 501c3 Non Profit Tax Exempt

Beware: 501(c)(3) Corp Status is a Bad Deal for a church just say NO! Here’s why: You don’t own your church, you only control it. The government owns it. The government owning churches tax exempt is in direct violation of … Continue reading

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FREE Charity Cars 101 car giveaway

FREE Charity Cars awards 101 cars in one day! Duration : 0:3:57 Technorati Tags: 1-800-charity cars, car donation, car give away, charity cars, donate a car, Free, free cars, Free charity cars

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1996 Historic Video – We’re Here For Good – Part Two

This is part two of The Dayton Foundation’s “We’re Here for Good” video. This video was produced in 1996 to celebrate the Foundation’s 75th anniversary. This 13-minute video tells the story of The Dayton Foundation through the people who have … Continue reading

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