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Employee Charitable Giving Update

The October 26th Update for Charitable Giving by Employees of Mecklenburg County. Duration : 0:1:54 Technorati Tags: County, Emolyees, Mecklenburg

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5 Things to Know about Charitable Donations

Uncle Sam offers tax breaks for your generosity, if you follow these rules. Duration : 0:2:11 Technorati Tags: Charity, contributions, finance, Kevin,, magazine, McCormally, personal, taxes

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Looking for an Automated Tax Return? QuickTax imports electronic T-slips or donation receipts

Automated Tax Return (ATR) allows you to look up your T-slips on your payroll service provider’s Web site and then download the information directly into your tax return. QuickTax enters it on the right tax forms, eliminating manual data entry … Continue reading

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Late Donation to MSF Charity

the money is going into my paypal account minus ebay’s value fee. which i will make up to deposit the full 2K to MSF Duration : 0:1:49 Technorati Tags: auction, borders, Charity, doctors, DPRjones, ebay, energy, MSF, t-shirt, … Continue reading

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The Forever Young Foundation – Africa

Founded in 1993 by NFL Legend Steve Young, Forever Young Foundation® is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation serves children who face significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges by providing academic, athletic, and therapeutic opportunities unavailable to them. Forever Young … Continue reading

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Is there a forum where philantropists connect with ordinary people for charitable giving?

Call your local library and ask them which library in your city or state has a grants information center. Every state I’ve lived in has one; you can use it to search a database of foundations and corporate and private … Continue reading

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How tax deductible are charitable donations and home equity loans?

When they say donations and home equity loans are tax deductible, what does this mean? Does a $1000 donation mean $1000 less federal income tax? Does $1000 paid in interest on a home equity loan mean $1000 less federal income … Continue reading

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How do charitable donation tax deductions work?

I am possibly moving across the country and am considering donating all my furniture and most of my belongings to Goodwill or the like as an option for getting rid of stuff. I make 38,287 a year, how much (value) … Continue reading

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Is Bill Gates big charity donation desined to avoid income tax?

At the maximum federal tax rate of 35%, he’d only get back 35¢ for every dollar he donated. Given that he’d permanently lose 65¢ for every dollar he donated, it would make financial sense to make charitable donations for tax … Continue reading

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Can I deduct donated services to non-charitable organizations?

I am a freelance script supervisor for independent films. Since I am sort of just starting, much of the work I do is for free rather than for pay… basically to get my name out there. I have a contract … Continue reading

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