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How can I find out about the level of charitable giving within different ethinc groups? Research on donations?

I am a fundraiser and my boss has asked me to find out how generous the Indian community is – in order to help with a press release we are doing! Any ideas on statistics, reports etc would be so … Continue reading

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Accounting. I would like to know how to make a general entry for charitable donations.?

I know that I credit cash, but what should I debit? Should I open an account called charitable donations as an expense? as a counter account for revenues? I will assume that your company has made a charitable contribution. If … Continue reading

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Help me understand a tax deductible donation means exactly?

I’ve always been curious about what exactly a tax deductible donation does to your taxes. For example, let’s say I earned 20,000 in 2005 and owed $5,000 in taxes, a 25% tax rate. Let’s go back in time and say … Continue reading

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Where can I find a business to match a donation to charity?

I am the Secretary of my school’s Student Council. Every year, we have a charity drive. This year, we have selected a charity called Camp Heartland, allowing children with HIV/AIDS and a sibling to go to summer camp. This is … Continue reading

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Are there any charitable organizations that help with flights?

I have located my American born daughter in the Middle East, are there any charitable organizations that would help me to get her? I have exhausted all my resources to find her. The only think I can think of might … Continue reading

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Life & Money 6 — Making a Difference with Charitable Giving

Many people are being much more business like in the way they give. The desire to give comes from the heart, but some planning and effective use of matching grants can make your donation go much further. Giving wisely can … Continue reading

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Tax Tips & Advice : How to Deduct Charitable Contributions

Giving money to certain charities that are registered can provide the giver with documentation to file along with their tax return. Deduct charitable contributions on tax returns that do not exceed 20 percent of a person’s gross annual income safely … Continue reading

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Charity Navigator’s Tax Tips: Noncash Donations

Reduce Your 2007 Tax Bill: New Rules in Effect for Donated Clothing and Household Items Duration : 0:1:14 Technorati Tags: 15, april, charitable, charities, Charity, clothes, clothing, deduct, Deduction, donation, finance, navigator, noncash, Tax, taxes

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Charity Donation Stolen

Jewelry that had been donated to raise money for a cancer fighting organization went missing following a recent charity event. Duration : 0:2:1 Technorati Tags: Cancer, Charity, donation, Stolen

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They’re Out There: Tribute Honoring The Charitable Organizations Of The World

A music video tribute I did for my last speech and presentation for my Public Speaking class. When my class was given the assigment, we were told by our professor that we had to honor or pay tribute to someone … Continue reading

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