“Please HELP with Donations for the WLSFA..

0 Please HELP with Donations for the WLSFA..This is a fund raising challenge for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America
All money collected is a Donation to the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America
Please make your checks out to “Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America”
In the Memo line wrote Donation – Rose Mary Button Challenge

1) Because of the value of the quilt I will only complete this fund raiser if I raise 1000 or more

2) By Noon June 25th : Submit your pledge via private message to me here on You Tube

Send me the following
Your Pledge Amount
Your Full name and You Tube Name
You Mailing Address
You Email Address
Your phone Number

3) On June 25 th I will add up the pledges. IF I have raised $1,000 or more I will
send each of you an email with a link to submit your pledge on line or you can send me a check.
***If I have not I will cancel the pledge drive.

4) On June 30 th if I have collected $1000 or more in pledges I will announce the winner of the quilt on You Tube.
The person who pledges the highest amount ( an submits the payment by the dead line of June 30th ) will be the winner of the quilt.

5) In the case of two or more people making the exact same highest bid, I will put there names in a hat a draw a winner.

What Does Rose Mary get for participating in the Button Challenge”?
1) I already received my collectors addition Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Button AND….
If I raise more Donations that other 15 people who are also taking the “Button Challenge” I will be named the winner of the challenge and
the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America will Name one of it’s Grants for Surgery after me.

Is you donation tax deductible?
The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America has applied for tax exempt status and is awaiting IRS approval.
Once approved all donations will be deductible once approved.
If you want me to deposit your pledge even if I do not collect $1,000 please let me know when you send the check. all Donations can be made and sent to ( 11230 Gold Express Dr. Suite 310-409 Gold River,CA. 95670 )

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25 Responses to “Please HELP with Donations for the WLSFA..

  1. zipchick says:

    One down, one …
    One down, one hundred more to go!

  2. gastricRose says:

    @gastricRose Ok …
    @gastricRose Ok Linda thanks again …I will send it to wlsfa don’t worry …love ya and May God bless you 100 fold sweetie…love rosemary

  3. AwesomeForever says:

    It is already in …
    It is already in mail to you.

  4. gastricRose says:

    @AwesomeForever …
    @AwesomeForever Please send your donation now to the add. wlsfa
    11230 Gold Express Dr. suite 310-409
    Gold River,Cal. 95670
    and again thank you thank you for your love and support ..love rosemary

  5. gastricRose says:

    @stuffgirl41 …
    @stuffgirl41 sweetie I can’t speak for others only me …and I have done well with no complications (May God keep me healthy) and I no longer have diabetes or all the other things that were wrong with me and they were many…I pray that you do well with your surgery if you like I will pray for you the morning of your surgery just let me know your surgery date…love rosemary

  6. stuffgirl41 says:


  7. gastricRose says:

    @freshorangina …
    @freshorangina Toni will be doing all the prep for her on who will give the surgery and all that …but thanks sweetie for your info…and if you ever want to talk to me just ask for my number per. mess. me and I would love to hear from you anytime…love love ya girl…love rosemary

  8. freshorangina says:

    @gastricRose Has …
    @gastricRose Has she considered MGB at all? It is a lower risk surgery and is very successful. Also my surgeon just recently lowered his prices, so now I think it is $16,000 all inclusive (hotel and any hospitalizations during the week following surgery). He has his practice in Henderson, NV. Let me know if you want any more info and I can call you. Love and hugs! Carey

  9. gastricRose says:

    @hellokitty7696 May …
    @hellokitty7696 May God bless your fundraiser as well sweetie …and thank you for your support for connie and I..love ya and I will be glad to get your e-mail..love rosemary

  10. gastricRose says:

    @AwesomeForever …
    @AwesomeForever sweetie I just sent you a per. message giving you my add. so if you want to remove this because of the number you can… I thank you so much I am so blessed to have your love and support again thank you…love rosemary

  11. gastricRose says:

    @sueshearts1844 …
    @sueshearts1844 Sue your a sweetie thank you for your love for connie and I we are so overwelmed with everyones concerns she wants the rny or the sleeve not real sure yet which one and I also have faith that her surgery will happen for her …thank you for your video…love ya and big hugs…love rosemary

  12. AwesomeForever says:

    Text me your …
    Text me your address to 774-249-0027 so we can make this surgery happen for Connie

  13. sueshearts1844 says:

    Dearest Rosemary, …
    Dearest Rosemary, With God’s help we will raise the money she needs for her surgery. Has Connie found a surgeon yet? Does she know how much the surgery will cost for self pay? I have faith that we will raise the money for her. The quilt is beautiful, but the most important thing is helping your beautiful precious sister. Love Sue

  14. gastricRose says:

    @2ThousandAnd9 …
    @2ThousandAnd9 Thank you my friend every little bit will help…and your very special too sweetie yes do make a video …thanks for your support love ya…love rosemary

  15. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    I wish that I could …
    I wish that I could pledge an amount anywhere near what that quilt is worth, I am sending in my donation on Monday, it’s not much but I hope that it helps Connie to start on her journey. I will eventually get a video posted, I made two… and started tearing up because you mean so much to me Rosemary… we may not be besties, but you are a real inspiration to me. <3 you so much, keep being you!

  16. hellokitty7696 says:

    rosemary it’s such …
    rosemary it’s such a beautiful quilt connie did a beautiful job. I hope this fundrasier is a success. I’m trying to come up with a fundraiser myself. I have a pretty good idea but i need to talk to my dad about it. when i’m sure i’ll email you and maybe you can help me by saying if its good enough or not. love both you and connie!!

  17. gastricRose says:

    @MsLindaEaves …
    @MsLindaEaves Thank you sweetie we will do our best and we will take that blessing so thanks…love rosemary

  18. MsLindaEaves says:

    Rosemary – What a …
    Rosemary – What a moving video. Bless you and your sister both. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  19. gastricRose says:

    @taylormn Thanks …
    @taylormn Thanks taylor and your prayers will help so keep sending them…love ya…love rosemary

  20. taylormn says:

    i am sorry about …
    i am sorry about you sis i will keep her in my prayrs i cant give mony coes i dont have much i love being a part of this comuty even tho i am not a person that had gastric bypass i prey for you all each day may god be with you!!!!

  21. gastricRose says:

    @taye81 Thank …
    @taye81 Thank you sweetie I know if you could you would …just pray for us that people can pledge and make this happen for connie…ty again ..love ya…love rosemary

  22. gastricRose says:

    Thank you Sally for …
    Thank you Sally for your pledge ..May God give you 100 fold …I can not but our God can …so thanks again my sweet friend…love rosemary

  23. gastricRose says:

    @saphre1964 …
    @saphre1964 Bless you Nicole…May God give you 100 fold after you send..love ya…love rosemary

  24. gastricRose says:

    @jstwnt2gethlthy …
    @jstwnt2gethlthy Thanks my friend…yes congrats to connie is so right I am over whelmed for her I need her to stick around for us all…I love my sis. so very much…thanks again sweetie…love ya…love rosemary

  25. gastricRose says:

    @IamKris411 I …
    @IamKris411 I pray that your right sweetie…love ya…love rosemary

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