Bike Cam: Out of the Sky… bicycling at 14000 ft (4300 m)

0 Bike Cam: Out of the Sky...  bicycling at 14000 ft (4300 m)Sponsor my ride with a tax deductible donation to the National Kidney Foundation
“A life saved, riding to help save others”

Mount Evans, the highest paved road in North America, at 14,130 ft. elevation (4300 m). The mountain itself is 14,240 ft. high.

I rode all the way up, then mounted my camera on my bicycle for the ride down. For me, the view was surreal, like being on top of the world. I encountered strong headwinds for the last few miles, but persevered. It was a spectacular ride! I made a few furry friends up top… There were Mountain Goats EVERYWHERE! Sorry about the aim of the camera during the initial descent. My mount kept shifting on my handlebars.

I ride in Colorado’s Triple Bypass in 3 weeks, a ride from Evergreen to past Vail, crossing three mountain passes, at 11,200 ft, 12,000 ft, and 10,600 ft. elevation. 120 miles total.

Music is Royalty Free- a portion of “Light of a New Day,” by Vitas

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25 Responses to Bike Cam: Out of the Sky… bicycling at 14000 ft (4300 m)

  1. CircaRigeI says:

    @RoadBikeBird Hi …
    @RoadBikeBird Hi Julia! I’ll check out your video once I’ve recovered a bit (I’ve put in about 270 miles in the last 3 days), so probably tomorrow. If you have a fund raising page, please let me know in a PM. It sounds like you’re doing great things!


  2. RoadBikeBird says:

    In …

    In repsonse I will send you an UP !!
    Sponsored you of course my dear.
    I am riding this year for our local Hospice.
    my site is on my chanel page.
    Good luck sweetie.

  3. CircaRigeI says:

    @anmoose I …
    @anmoose I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to doing it again! Thanks for watching!

  4. CircaRigeI says:

    @grandplans Yeah. …
    @grandplans Yeah. It was fantastic! I plan to ride up again July 3rd, this time starting from lower down, in Idaho Springs.

  5. CircaRigeI says:

    @grandplans Well, …
    @grandplans Well, going up took me nearly 3 hours. Going down… probably less than 40 minutes.

  6. grandplans says:

    How long did it …
    How long did it take you to ge to the bottom, or the area you started from, from the top?

  7. grandplans says:

    What an awesome …
    What an awesome view and I can only imagine what an awesome adrenaline rush!

  8. anmoose says:

    This had to have …
    This had to have been a magnificent experience…

  9. CircaRigeI says:

    @timewarlord Don’t …
    @timewarlord Don’t worry, Brett. I can read typoese. Thanks for watching. Yeah, for me it was rather momentous. I’d never ridden anything nearly that high or quite like it before, and I’d only been back riding for a few weeks, due to the complications I had following my shoulder surgery. Now I want to do it AGAIN! Maybe next week. I already have a big ride planned for this week. Good to see you again, Mate! I’ve missed you!

  10. timewarlord says:

    @timewarlord * …
    @timewarlord *Congratulations* too early in the morning for proof reading :P

  11. timewarlord says:

    You look like a …
    You look like a superhero in your cycling outfit! Gongradulations on a momentus ride mate and thanks for posting it for the world to see!

  12. CircaRigeI says:

    @trojanspaghetti …
    @trojanspaghetti You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your ATC. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

  13. trojanspaghetti says:



    vids and stills look awesome btw

    and thx- i bought the ATC that comes with mounts and ability to add external memory and the vid demos here on YT look pretty good- i want to dash board mount it in my car though cause of all the remores i have from missed opps of posting vids on YT on crazy things i have seen

    thanks again for response

  14. CircaRigeI says:

    @trojanspaghetti …
    @trojanspaghetti It’s just a little Nikon CoolPix digital still camera I was given. It’s not great, but it can take videos and works for this. The mount I got on eBay for 3 dollars.

  15. trojanspaghetti says:

    what camera are you …
    what camera are you using ?

    i just ordered ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam from amazon for about $50

  16. CircaRigeI says:

    @Mellomel Thanks, …
    @Mellomel Thanks, Mel. It was a really great ride… one I’m going to have to do again!

  17. Mellomel says:

    This was awesome… …
    This was awesome….loved it!!!

  18. CircaRigeI says:

    @BattlefieldDoktor …
    @BattlefieldDoktor Yeah. That’s known as alpine tundra above the treeline. Mount Evans gets snow year round. Their last snow was about 5 days before this video. As for the stones, they don’t call these mountains the “Rockies” without reason! Thanks for watching!

  19. BattlefieldDoktor says:

    Weird the video …
    Weird the video wasn’t in my subscription centre. Glad you sent it to me by personal message. It’s really an interesting landscape there. Especially to see some snow and the stones (even if I had for sure enough snow for this year, haha).

  20. CircaRigeI says:

    @GrahamAndFriends …
    @GrahamAndFriends Thanks for stopping by, Graham!

  21. CircaRigeI says:

    @UpDownMostly …
    @UpDownMostly Thanks! Yeah, it’s important to be cautious on rides like this… but throwing a LITTLE caution to the wind and going fast is also fun.

  22. UpDownMostly says:

    WOW! What a ride. …
    WOW! What a ride. You be careful you. :) Best of luck with your training and the race.

  23. CircaRigeI says:

    @RedSmoky Thanks, …
    @RedSmoky Thanks, Red. Yeah, I’m enjoying this a lot and seeing some great places during my rides. The effort to help others through the riding just pushes me harder. There was a time I would have thought there was no way I could ride a bicycle up a 14K ft. mountain. It was hard, but definitely worth it, and I know I’ll do it more.

  24. RedSmoky says:

    Its awesome to see …
    Its awesome to see you doing something so positive and to be enjoying life at the same time.
    thanks so much for sharing this video.
    Your Awesome :)

  25. GrahamAndFriends says:


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