IRS form 990 and what it means to your charitable giving plans

0 IRS form 990 and what it means to your charitable giving plansPresenter Heidi Jark discusses the new IRS form 990 and how it can affect your charitable giving plans and contributions.

LEAVE A LEGACY® Southeast Michigan is a nine-county-wide campaign encouraging people to name non-profit organizations in their wills. The campaign, which is driven by the efforts of volunteers from non-profit groups, and financial, estate planning and law firms, is sponsored by the Planned Giving Roundtable of Southeast Michigan — a group of professionals in legal, financial, and allied fields as well as fundraising professionals whose focus is planned giving.

The campaign resulted from a growing concern for non-profit organizations, who because of increasingly less government funding, are fighting to exist. And the problem worsens because this forces non-profit groups to rely more on public support; however, although 81.5% of people in Southeast Michigan give annually, only 2.8% leave a charitable bequest at death. LEAVE A LEGACY is addressing this problem by educating people about the importance of planned gifts for the charities we depend on and support.

For more information visit, call (888) 826-7900 or e-mail

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