Human Aid Dollars To Palestine

0 Human Aid Dollars To Palestine

Where do your tax / donation dollars regarding Palestine go exactly?

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2 Responses to Human Aid Dollars To Palestine

  1. SisterSunnshine says:

    And people still …
    And people still believe the lies about the “poor Palestinians”

  2. kwilla2001 says:

    According 2 d …
    According 2 d source Congo is first with 362.
    Marwan Bargouti?? the man is in Israeli jail since 2002.
    $1.5 Million Luxury Villa for PA president Mahmoud Abbas: Source NY times 2/2/1997 Mahmoud Abbas was not even the president back in 1997.

    here is a fact: according to the Jewish virtual library:Israel has received more direct aid from the United States since World War II than any other country

    Surely our tax money could have been spent on the US instead of Israel… with nothing in return.

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