Is a donation to Gaza charity a donation to Hamas?

Really serious question as people & children have been killed and I feel we need honest answers.
I am playing devils advocate here I have not stated my own beliefs I am interested in your viewpoint. I dont see terrorists or Zionists I see ordinary people/children who deserve better in the 21st century YES.
I hope I am asking the question a lot of people who might contribute would ask.
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Sorry I’m on other side of the pond in Scotland.
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See first edit to Mustapha.
Toot Toot:
If someond donated money to the UK would it mean they were donating to New Labour?

I think your answer is quite niave we are not talking about or comparing Britain.

Why shouldn’t the people of Gaza have aid
I think you need to read my question again and not put your own inference on why I have asked this question.
Openyoureyes people & Captain Jack

Excellent points on this issue.

any amount of charity isnt going to bring back 400 dead children

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20 Responses to Is a donation to Gaza charity a donation to Hamas?

  1. Amustapha says:

    As far as I am aware the NGOs are running things. Hamas did win the election though. I guess you just don’t like Muslims, huh? The Israelis kill 1300, and you are questioning the moral standards of Hamas? Or do you just believe everything the Zionists tell you?
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  2. God Bless George Galloway says:

    I would like to think that the money donated would be organized by Aid groups that are in Gaza. While i feel that Hamas was correct and Israel is wrong i would still prefer the money being sent managed by an independent source, Not Hamas, Not Israel and not the States
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  3. Mira Bell says:

    Choose a charity with a good reputation. Focus on the Red Cross, for instance. DO NOT give money to questionable charities. Regardless of what you do, a percentage of the aid will be pillaged by Hamas and sold to the highest bidder.

    Amustaph – I’m not sure how you expect anyone with a conscience to side with Islamic extremists. Those guys want EVERYONE dead. Yesterday they were gouging out the eyes of Fatah members….
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  4. Widget Maker says:

    If you want a legal opinion best ask your federal government representative.
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  5. Lupines says:

    Yes, it’s a serious question and I believe the answer is yes.

    The only charity that I think will work to not directly benefit Hamas is UNICEF. I think Hamas has too much control over UNRWA and other charitable organizations. I wouldn’t personally go the Red Cross route. I researched Red Cross donations and they get channeled into an Islamic sector so the risk is higher there to actually not get the money to the people.

    Unicef acknowledged recently that the children in Gaza have psychological issues. While they won’t be able to address the hatred fostered by the radical islamic Hamas group who teaches their children in the islamic school curricula, it’s worth a shot that they can try to address some of the issues. During the operation, they provided a jetliner full of material humanitarian aid for Gaza as well.

    Unless the children are addressed first any rebuilding efforts won’t change the cycle of violence and just set up for another rebuild.

    Children of Hamas:

    Farfour, Nahoul, Assud teaching children Hamas doctrine

    Edit: semisatanic1, pls stop using skewed facts to paint a picture that there is a mess over there in Gaza with 3 million people suffering. That is not the case. There are 1.4 million residents of Gaza and the majority of the schoolchildren went back to school today. They have had thousands of truckloads of humanitarian aid that was not damaged or sabotaged by Hamas. And the wounded have been treated in Gaza, Egyptian and Israeli hospitals. Gaza hospital beds are mostly empty. They are not in dire situation except that are really psychologically extraordinarily messed up.
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  6. jonnnboy says:

    Yes as Hamas will divert the aid and sell it for funds to buy weapons.
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  7. The H★★ded Cl★w Reborn© 52dtg says:

    You could just have easily have asked – ‘Is a donation to a jewish charity a donation to war criminals?’
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    1,300 Palestinians murdered.

  8. friendly and funny Fyromian IV says:

    USA gives a donation to Israel
    it`s a donation to the terrorists zionists who kill kids and refugees

    ;) )

    ALL the world hates Israel, exept USA


    because, the americans have the brain fucked by the McDonalds and the COCA COLA (made by cocaine) and the dirty stereotypes

    ohh, of course americans don`t know what is a stereotype and they don`tt kow what is out of their frontier

    this is a Ronald Macdonalds-zionist effect
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    USA and Israel are terrorist states

  9. Big T says:

    If you pick reputable agencies, and it is easy to check their individual proposals for activities in Gaza, there should be no problem.
    The Red Cross and UN agencies, among many others intend the supply and distribution of essential materials, be they medical supplies, food or whatever. There is little prospect of Hamas benefiting from such activities, though not impossible.
    Humanitarian aid is desperately needed, largely thanks to the "over enthusiasm" of Israel and it’s military.
    People are suffering horrendously, through no fault of their own, and, although I agree that it is sensible to be cautious, we must trust those agencies to ensure rightful use of our monies, or else allow that suffering to continue for longer than it otherwise might.

    PaperbackWriter, I hear your pain, and understand it.
    The question, however is about charity donations to organizations in Gaza. Do you not feel, given your expressed compassion, that competitive casualty counting is a little out of place, given the suffering of tens of thousands in Gaza NOW? There is, thankfully, a much less urgent level of need in Israel, largely thanks, it has to be said, to the continuing generosity of America’s various aids to that country, in adition to the aid it receives from elsewhaere in the world. Aid to Gaza is TINY by comparison, and the NEED is there and NOW.

    Anyway, and to oblige, you seemed to suggest taking a look at comparative statistics, so I did. Sorry, you appear to be hugely mistaken:

    DarkAl, I apologise for crossing swords again with your strongly held and sincere beliefs, but your statement that "there is no-one there to pump aid into their pockets" is just plain mistaken by a country mile.
    Please read it, and learn some interesting facts about US aid to Israel, which, of course, does not include the aid it receives from elsewhere.

    I like Captain Jack, and I ain’t gay. Thanks Cap’n.
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  10. PaperbackWriter says:

    Alas, it might well be. We know for sure that Hamas has been stealing much of the aid that’s been getting in. Hamas is the elected government there and so they do control what happens in Gaza.

    It’s very frustrating for people who genuinely wish to donate money and aid. Also, maybe worth noting that the EU gives billions to Gaza every year and much of it gets diverted into funding Hamas terrorism. And Iran and Syria also fund Hamas heavily too.
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    It’s astonishing that anyone could accuse Israel of committing ‘war crimes’. Less than 1000 Palestinians have been killed and even the UN states that 76% of them were active Hamas members – aka terrorists.

    Yes ALL innocents that die are tragic – but it’s not fair to ONLY mourn the Palestinian innocents while ignoring the FAR GREATER number of Israeli civilians who have been killed. And remember: the Palestinians knew what Hamas stood for when they voted them IN.

    In Iraq, over one million people have died because of the UK and USA. Yet Iraq never attacked either nation.

    Israel was entitled to ***respond*** to the eight YEARS of terror attacks that came from Gaza. Thousands of Israelis died – were THOSE not ‘war crimes’?

    I suggest that people check out

  11. Eoredd says:

    Without any doubt.
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  12. Crying Poet says:

    No because the aid agencies usually buy aid, food, medicine with our money and then distribute it. They don’t just hand over our money – that’s not how charities work in a humanitarian crisis.

    I hope people give generously, this was a man made disaster which makes it all the more sad
    References :
    Paperback "We know for sure that Hamas has been stealing much of the aid that’s been getting in."

    What nonsense! Would you care to provide proof as you are oh so sure!?

  13. darkAI says:

    Wow, a question from someone who seems to be actually informed with the right facts about the conflict! That’s rare on Y/A nowadays.

    Unfortunately there’s no definite answer as to whether your donation will reach Hamas’s hands or the civilians’ hands. And even if it reaches the civilians’ hands, I’m not so sure how innocent those civilians. Israel already stated they have photographed and/or recorded evidence that there were weapons or tunnels for each of the 20,000 houses that were destroyed, just incase someone decides to sue Israel for unjustified house destruction. The kids however, most of them, are innocent and shouldn’t be punished – Which makes donation fully justified.

    It’s common knowledge that Hamas managed to take over much of the humanitarian aid given to Gaza and sold it on the black market to raise more money for terrorist acts. That is of course no reason to stop donating, but means you should donate wisely. Unfortunately I can’t give you advice on how to do that, considering the fact that even UN and Red Cross humanitarian aids were partly snatched by the Hamas. Also, besides the UN and EU aid, Saudi arabia donated one billion USD to rebuild Gaza.

    In the bottom line – I think there’s enough cash being pumped into Gaza – The bigger donation required is of a different nature – Words. With so many haters and extremists who use the Gaza platform to launch their hate campaign against Jews and/or Israelies, I think speaking up against Hamas who is posing a blockade to the peace process would be the biggest donation you could give.

    One last request – Remember that while so many organizations are pumping cash into Gaza, there are also children and innocents on the Israeli side who have been bombed daily for the last 8 years. But there’s no one to pump aid into their pockets.

    And if you’re looking to make a donation to the poor – I’d suggest to start with areas where there’s real destruction and hardly any aid or news coverage – Like Darfur.

    Best of luck.
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  14. semisatanic1 says:

    I wish you people would stop using the "Well they voted Hamas in" excuse!
    57% of the population of Gazza are children that are not allowed to vote!
    I believe the population of Gazza is around 3 miilion so that would mean over 1 and a half million kids who are suffering!
    Most who will have lost family members and even when they seek refuge at UN schools they were not safe!
    We have a duty as civilised humans to try and help these kids regardless of who started the fighting!

    To answer your question!
    The Red Cross and Oxfam have never funded a terrorist organisation!
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  15. Auld Gitz got new teeth. says:

    I see where your coming from House and all that I can say is that all we can do is try. No one can ever really guarantee 100% that Hamas wont get their hands on some of it but if we don’t give it it won’t be Hamas that suffers, it will be the poor children that are suffering so badly. I am finding it very hard to restrain myself after reading some of the anti humanitarian bigots on here and the usual "what about israeli children" How disgusting, how many of their children have suffered what Palestinian children have suffered? My suggestion is that we wait until a charity that is endorsed by the government announces that they are accepting contributions.
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    Scots Wha’hay!

  16. toot-toot says:

    of course it isn’t.
    If someond donated money to the UK would it mean they were donating to New Labour??? of course it wouldn’t. Why shouldn’t the people of Gaza have aid when they need it regardless of politics??????
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  17. openyoureyespeople! says:

    any amount of charity isnt going to bring back 400 dead children
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  18. Capt Jack says:

    I will treat your question seriously. So many have been acting as if it is I think you are right

    The people who are putting out this advert are the Disasters Emergency Committee. They were behind the Tsunami appeal a year or so back.

    The Disasters Emergency Committee is an umbrella body, consisting of respected and impartial aid charities such as the Red Cross, Cafod, Oxfam etc. They do not take sides, and are well respected and experienced at working on the ground in disaster areas and war zones.

    The appeal money is going to these people who get the aid out there directly, via volunteers and professionals going out there themselves. They don’t just send money into the area.

    To suggest that broadcasting this appeal is taking sides in a conflict is as wrong as can be, and is also incredibly offensive. You can safely ignore it and donate to the appeal.
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  19. james d says:

    my opinion is that the worst thing that could happen is that money is simply handed to the authorities or representatives of the authorities, as a percentage of this would be misapropriated to fund Hamas

    even reputable charities cannot guarantee their efforts will not be misused – there was recently a Panorama report from an African state, by an African aid worker no less, saying that the wests attitude was to throw money at the situation and it simply did not have the manpower or the will to police how it was being used on the ground – it then pointed out that food parcels and water purifying kits distributed by a charity such as UNICEF were being sold in shops even though they were supposed to be handed out for free – where do the profits of illegally selling these things go ?

    i totally agree with your fundamental point that we should help people in desperate times especially children, but unless you can actually police the situation and be accountable for it, history tells us that unscrupulous people will take advantage for their own gains.

    And the west will NEVER volunteer to be another states police, particularly in the third world where it would be seen as neo colonialism – even the UN is hesitant about what they do and how far they go.
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  20. O M says:

    No it is not.
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