Churches are Illegal if 501c3 Non Profit Tax Exempt

2 Churches are Illegal if 501c3 Non Profit Tax ExemptBeware: 501(c)(3) Corp Status is a Bad Deal for a church just say NO! Here’s why: You don’t own your church, you only control it. The government owns it. The government owning churches tax exempt is in direct violation of the Separation of Church and State Law. That means your church is operating illegally!

The government holds the power to shut you down for any reason they want and site “illegal formation” or “illegal operation” as their cause. This is irrefutable by you in a court of law and can also land you in prison for fraud if the government so desires to dispose of you!

There are a few minor advantages of having a non-profit tax exempt status but mostly the bad more than out weigh the good. It’s all in the fine print on IRS Publication 557 “Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization”.

You don’t even need non-profit status anyway because that applies to your church only, not to your donors. Tithes, gifts and donations to non-profit tax exempt organizations can still be tax deductible on the giver’s taxes as a charitable donation tax deduction.

I am not giving legal advice here just telling you what I know so consult with a tax professional concerning your own unique situation in these matters before you sign your church away on the dotted line for 501c3 tax exempt status.

Read the full article with more detailed info and download links to IRS Publication 557 “Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization” on the ministry web site of Daniel Sweet at

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5 Responses to Churches are Illegal if 501c3 Non Profit Tax Exempt

  1. jeff90125 says:

    You have a good …
    You have a good point. You should research further. First of all, the act of incorporation puts God’s law under man’s law. Not only is that wrong but it is necessary.

    I have found that if a church is NOT incorporated or 501(c)(3) tax exempt they are outside the jurisdiction of the government. An unincorporated, non 501(c)(3) church does not have to pay any taxes including payroll taxes. 501(c)(3) only gets you out of certain taxes and puts churches under the jurisdiction of the state.

  2. ajet100587 says:

    I thought that …
    I thought that separation of church and state meant that the government cannot establish a national religion and make everyone follow it.

  3. GodsWordFirst says:

    @ANDYREYNAGA 501c3 …
    @ANDYREYNAGA 501c3 status has nothing to do with the ability of a church to sustain itself. That’s off topic anyway. The subject of this video is that it’s illegal for a church to have a 501c3 status because it violates the separation of church and state law.

  4. ANDYREYNAGA says:

    Do you honestly …
    Do you honestly believe churches can sustain themselves without 501c3? Think about that, if you truley feel this way.

  5. AVIVAH4EVER says:

    I found out, that : …
    I found out, that : a tax-payer=666 see 666calculator on YouTube!So yes, I think you are right and we do need the Ruach Ha Kodesh her Wisdom! Thanks and Yashua will bless you!

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